Exclusive: Renée Strauss for TDM!

Good morning to all our lovely followers!
This is a very brief post to announce a great news!
An exclusive for TDM: the interview to the wedding dresses designer and star of the show "Brides of Beverly Hills": Renée Strauss!
The interview to Renée is made exclusively for us and our blog.
Great, don't you think? 

Why her?
Because we adore her and only God knows how we love her amazing show.

Why us?
Because we are fabulous, basically, and mainly because we are very very persuasive!
(And no, we won't discuss this issue further!)

Well, you understood that neither in serious and important events (like this) we are capable to maintain a minimum level of seriousness.
So, we let you in suspence for some few days, waiting the amazing interview to Renée Strauss, only for TDM.
Stay tuned! 

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  1. i follow her on tv... she really love her job... i like how she is very comprehensive with people in economic difficulties!


  2. Sometimes I've seen her on tv..really funny! Two new post on my blog ;) lowbudget-lowcost.blogspot.it

  3. mi piace il tuo blog. ti seguo. spero passerai da me.


  4. Grazie per il commento al mio blog! Molto carino anche il tuo, ti seguo, ricambi?

    Once Upon a Time..

  5. Davvero carino il tuo blog!In bocca al lupo! ;)

  6. io adoro quel programma!!!! hanno abiti da sposa favolosi!!!!
    vi seguo con grande piacere!!! per ora su bloglovin percè gfc oggi non funziona!!!
    spero che ricambierete se vi piacerà il mio blog!!!

  7. Wishing you the best of luck on this new partnership!
    Following you now :)


  8. ciao grazie per essere passata da me,accetto volentieri di seguirci a vicenda,da ora potrai vedermi tra i tuoi followers e spero di poter fare presto lo stesso,un bacio!


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